Design Tips


  • Your home should always reflect your personality.
  • Contrast in color, texture, and materials adds character to a space and keeps it from being boring.
  • When planning a remodel, think about how you WANT your space to function.  Many times, people get hung up on how it is now.  This is your opportunity to make it work for YOU.
  • Knobs and handles should not be an afterthought for cabinetry.  They can completely change the style. Hardware should be considered the jewelry for a great outfit.
  • Natural materials are beautiful.  The variations that you see in wood and stone give it character.  This is what sets apart natural materials form manmade materials.
  • At loss on how to design a bedroom?  Think back to a hotel room that you loved and be inspired by that.  Bedrooms should make you never want to leave.
  • If you don’t like right away, don’t try to convince yourself.  If a doorstyle, tile or wood sample doesn’t do anything for you when you see it, then move on. 
  • Trust in the professionals.  We do this everyday.  We know our products and want your home to be beautiful.